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H/Hr + D/E
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The first and only Harry & Hermione and Dan & Emma community! We are a Harry Potter and Hermione Granger (from Harry Potter) and Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson (the actors) shipping community. The creater is xellabelle & the mod & graphics designer is watchasifall.

1. You must ship H/Hr or D/E. It's preferable if you ship both. No bashing these two ships.
2. All posts must be related to H/Hr, D/E, Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe or Emma Watson. Any graphics, fanfiction, news and general discussions are very welcome.
3. Large photos must be under a cut and no inappropriate photos such as nudity.
4. No non-Harry Potter promotions.
5. dO nOt TyPe LyK DiS. No text talk.
6. Be nice to everyone! Construtive critism of their work is okay, but do not be rude to others.
7. Lastly, and most importantly, have fun and enjoy! :)
You will be banned from this community if you do not follow the rules.
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