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Soundtrack Suggestions for a Love-n-Lust Scene?


I'm in DIRE NEED of cool, sexy, non-sappy songs to listen to while I write a sex scene! The two characters are fierce, fiesty, completely physical but it's not angry sex nor is it sweet-we-barely-move kind of sex; it's the kind of sex that happens between two people when the sex is WAY over-due. Like, when it starts off with a hot shag against the wall, and then moves to the shower for some 'mutual 'm'', and then, tumbling into bed so that they can do the things they didn't get to do when they were in the shower or up against the wall.

Anyone have any thoughts?

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there was a writter that isn't around anymore but she made a video for her story...which was a death eater/hermione. the music she used was german it has that sultry, dark, sexy fell to it. go to youtube and search for

Rosenrot by Rammstein click on the offical video & also have one with the english lyrics on it.

it different. listen to it to see what you think. This is the same group that has a song on the XXX motion picture with vin disel---the song playing when he enters the russian bar/club

ohhhhh--- that reminds me of the song that the played when he walks into a bedroom room with a naked girl... LICK by JOI I will warn you its totally a stripper song, but it is really sexy and you asked for something different. give these a try and see what you think.
sorry if I couldn't anymore help I also like to listen to the song from moulin rought...el tango de david bowie song called roxanne. but really sexy with the latin singer's voice.
Thank you so much for that suggestions~ I haven't found Rosenrot yet, but I did find Lick - and I added it to my Playlist!

Your suggestions was fabulous!

ps - wasn't Vin simply delectable in that scene????
if this works this is the song on youtube
you didn't want angry sex, but isn't build up/pinned up sex almost the same thing. where both partners what it REALLY BAD!! AND its usually protrayed as quick, hard, angry sex also. just a thought. I seen a little of the no strings attached...and their first scene was what you are taking about ...the movie I think the aston - that 70s show-and the girl from black swan/star ward...nate something her name is on the tip of my tonge....
ignore my horrible spelling...
Already forgotten... I'm notorious for my typos!
For me, the difference between angry sex and I've-got-to-have-you-right-now-regardless-of-the-consequences sex is the mind set of the sex-ees. The combustion that occurs when UST is finally 'resolved' is all consuming, but it's not punishing, or selfish. To me, angry sex is all about taking from the other person what one needs to satisfy themselves, and not just sexually. Granted angry sex can be sexually gratifying, but its more about the individual rather than two people coming together because they've finally realized that the other person is 'the one', in whatever capacity 'the one' represents'.

What about you? What do you think?
Closer, NIN.
Oh, holy, f*ck shite - that is one HELL of a sexy song!! I listened to it last night for the first time and... *winking knowingly*... it certainly provided a bit of inspiration!

i have to agree...